Start early for your future success

Avinaba Deb December 01, 2016

Once into college life students need to be geared up for the competition out there in the real world. The modern education system has moved quite a bit away from the primitive style and asks of its students to be readily competitive for the job market outside. It’s not about grade points, credits and outings with friends anymore. This preparedness can alongside put some healthy dough into the hands of the students. Here are a few tips to prepare yourself:

Start Managing Your Budget Wisely

Maintaining a budget is one the most essential aspect in the life of a student studying in college. Students should fix a budget which they could be following in their years to come as a college student. Most students tend to inhibit an extravagant attitude before falling into line. They also can’t control the dire accidental expenses that occur then and now. But they should learn to implement self-control, should any such accidental expense occur and hence restrain from being extravagant in other matters of expenses in other affairs.

Other such budgeting strategies include keeping a record of monthly expenses, taking public transportation over private cabs, going out to dine with friends less, buying second hand yet in-good-condition books over brand new ones to suffice the purpose the gathering knowledge, keeping books and such stuff in good condition so that they can be again sold for a good amount. These activities if implemented in a student’s life could necessarily teach the student useful monetary management tactics in the future life.

Networking – which is essential

Networking for your future prospects is one very essential aspect and it should be practiced from the very initiation your college life. It is though widely misconceived that you can network via only seniors and fresh graduates. Though it is a shame that students fall out on the various opportunities to network to various important persons provided by their respective career centers considering the fact that it is never too early to do anything. The career centers of various colleges provides its students with the opportunity to network and reach out to various professionals who had been students of the college in the past. This way you may land up knowing more about the domain field you are aspiring to get a job into than the people you are familiar with over the years.

But there are certain constraints which need to be checked before networking, like being worthy enough to acquaint. Networking is just simple exchange of ideas and thoughts so that people can derive knowledge from meeting with you. So if your college or more precisely the career center conducts any fair or seminar in which there could be a scope of networking do strive for it even if you are not exactly in the job hunt right now but it could definitely better your chances in the near future.

Social networking has turned another quintessential aspect in the area of networking. A very efficient example could be LinkedIn which enables you to connect to person who shares the same technical domain as you. This certainly helps potential employers to find prospective candidates. The most important bit about social networking which gives it an extra edge over face to face networking is that it opens up the scope to a direct referral. These direct referrals can come in handy as they increase you odds to getting hired for a job position more often than naught. So whenever such networking possibilities come your way do grab them with both hands.

Excelling at Excel

Computer skills need to be honed all the way through your college life. Technology is the new trend. Everything is getting automated these days and these automated workloads need people with technical skills which greatly encompasses the basic computer knowledge of Microsoft office including Microsoft excel. Now-a-days a great amount of worksheets are prepared in the various firms using Microsoft Excel. Proficiency in this software is a must for the coming future. If the college conducts any fair or workshop wherein these proficiencies can be acquired you should most definitely shoot for it.

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