Role of Technology in Classroom

By: Pad and Mark December 01, 2016

The ways in which technology can play a role in the classroom setting continues to be one of many concerns in the educational field. Parents and teachers alike should be open to the positive effects that technology can bring to the learning and teaching process.

Technology and Technical Skills

The technological revolution has opened up a vista of possibilities regarding the manner in which one conducts a range of activities. Technology has become so ingrained in even routine, daily processes that in today’s world, children will only benefit from learning to use technological devices and applications at an early age.

Using Technology to Boost Motivation

Technological devices and applications such as computers, videos, projectors, tape recorders, etc can help to make the classroom environment more exciting for children, and thereby increase their motivation and interest in learning. When children understand how to properly use technological devices, they can enhance their learning experiences in a fun and interesting way, improving in the process those vital skills like reading, arithmetic and the sciences.

Technology and Special Needs

Students with special needs require extra input and effort in order to keep up with their peers. For instance, those with hearing impediments can use devices that convert spoken words into writing and those with visual impairments can listen to voice recordings of lectures in class. Technological aids are very useful to such students who require easy and useful ways to keep up with their peers.

Technology and Life Skills

Technology also has the ability to facilitate team work and foster communication skills by engaging the user with differently presented information on a variety of platforms. This can also help students with their problem solving, analytical and research skills that they will require later in their adulthood. Once students become comfortable with using and applying different technologies for a variety of activities, they are more likely to enhance their confidence and thus be able to successfully and positively engage with different types of challenges and demands that they will eventually face through their professional and personal lives.

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